Life is Long

In Peter Thiel’s Zero to One, which I’ve discussed previously, he talks about how he asks interviewees: “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”  

One of my feelings right now to that effect is that Life is Long.  Everyone talks about how life is short, and so they use that as an excuse / rally cry to follow their passions / do everything they’ve wanted in life / do stupid things because “YOLO” after all.  

I believe in passion, and I believe in people following their callings and spending their time here doing what they want.  But - this makes us lose sight of the fact that things take time.  As I mentioned previously, life takes time.  We’re so conditioned in this age of instant gratification (which I suspect will get only worse) to get what we want immediately that we are not patient (myself included, as admitted previously).  And I think there are some situations where you benefit more by understanding and working for the long game, and not just what you can accomplish in thirty days or bust.  

So I think this is just about reflecting and realizing that life is not just short - it can be long too.  And you may have more time that you think to do what you want and need.  Don’t push off all of what you want to do, but sometimes different priorities take hold, and maybe it’s okay to wait just a little bit.  

Life is not just short, and it’s not just long.  It’s both