Permanent Beta

In #12 of his lessons from Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha mentions the idea of people being in “Permanent Beta”.  Permanent Beta here means people who are fast learners and can pick up the trade / function that you need them to.

I love this term.  I love the idea of just putting yourself in Permanent Beta and to be constantly challenging yourself to learn and grow.  It’s related to Carol Dweck’s idea that people can be in a “growth mindset” vs. a “fixed mindset” and constantly improve themselves and their performance as a result.  

Although I’ve always enjoyed learning and am a highly curious person, I have been wedded in a fixed mindset over the last few years.  Truthfully, most of the barriers that constrain me are self-created in my mind.  When I do what I “feel” like doing, I stay static.  But I know that I can do more.  I’m trying to stretch myself out of my comfort zone - maybe Permanent Beta is a place I can gain some comfort in.