product marketing bootcamp

The Product Marketing Bootcamp is the only online course covering the essentials of end-to-end product marketing. In under two hours, you'll learn about the essentials of product marketing: market and user research, competitive analysis, positioning, marketing launch planning, and ongoing acquisition and engagement marketing.  

And it's not just learning, it's doing.  In addition to understanding the concepts, you'll get how-to guides and templates that you can use in your job today.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

I’ve been in product marketing for a few years already, but I never knew there was a defined structure or framework for it until this class.
Being 4 years into my marketing career, I am only 3 months into a full on Product Marketing role. After taking this class I feel more confident and excited to continue growing into my new role, and as an overall marketing professional! Would love to attend another future class with Melinda.
It was amazing how Melinda was able to breakdown complex concepts into bite-size video clips. There was a mix of refreshers, “ah-ha’s”, and must-download options as part of the Product Marketing Bootcamp, and it’s definitely one I am going to recommend that our other PMMs consider taking.

Other classes I’ve taken have been too high level or too narrow. The Product Marketing Bootcamp was the right mix of practical concepts, presented succinctly and with actionable examples and templates. I would definitely recommend.
— Sophia Fox, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Granular
Having been in my current PMM role for a year, having moved over from a more campaign based position, my manager recommended I partake in the bootcamp training to help familiarize myself with areas of the role I was not yet covering; the scope of a PMM being so wide and varied. The course provided valuable information that I was immediately able to apply to my current role, and has allowed me to feel more confident in meetings where items are discussed that previously I was lacking clarity on, or not feeling confident speaking up on.

The course is broken down in such a way that makes it very easy to dip in and out of, depending on your own schedule, and yet is still engaging enough that at the times when you have an hour or so free to do a bigger chunk, you don’t feel bored and get distracted.

I would recommend this course to anyone starting off in their role as a PMM or considering it as a future career.
— Dinah Hillsdon, Product Marketing Manager EMEA at Adobe Stock
This course takes anyone with no or limited knowledge of Marketing to a level of knowledge where this person would function as a Product Manager.

This course is great because it is practical, with templates ready to go straight into the workflow of most companies. And the pace is great. You never get bored, yet you have time to reflect and learn.

I have recommended this course to my entire team.
— Daniel Delviken, Brand & Communications Manager at Softube AB